Sacramento man nabbed with thousands of illegal CDs, DVDs in garage

Federal charges of copyright infringement have been filed against a Sacramento man accused of trafficking counterfeit music and movies at flea markets and out of his garage. Federal agents recently seized tens of thousands of CDs and DVDs from the man’s residence.

The claim of intellectual property infringement filed against the man alleges that he regularly obtained thousands of counterfeit music CDs and movie DVDs from a San Jose warehouse and then re-sold them. Agents say the man sold the counterfeit material at flea markets in Galt and other places and had a complete shop set up in his home. Prosecutors say the suspect’s garage was outfitted with shelving and set up like a store with aisles. After they raided the man’s operation, agents came away with more than 24,000 counterfeit CDs and 10,000 pirated DVDs.

Government attorneys say the defendant allegedly trafficked the counterfeit goods for 11 months, before investigators shut the operation down in November of last year.

Charges against the suspect include copyright infringement, dealing in counterfeit packaging and documents, and false and illicit use of labels. Six other people connected with the storage and distribution of the CDs and DVDs are facing similar federal charges.

Sentencing for the Sacramento man is set for mid-January. The defendant could be ordered to prison for up to five years.

With all the money movie studios and record labels can make if they have a successful film or CD on their hands, it is understandable that they often lobby the government to strictly enforce its copyright and trademark laws. This is why accusations like those against this man are very serious.

Source:, “Sacramento Man Pleads Guilty to Large-Scale Conspiracy To Sell Music And Movies,” Nov. 8, 2011